Monday Mental Toughness Exercise

Remember the progress photos you took on Day 1 of your fitness journey? Go sneak another peak ūüėČ Remind yourself that you are¬†already¬†on your way to beating that version of you. Make the progress photo/s the first thing you see everyday when you wake up at 5am instead of hitting the snooze and going back to sleep.¬†Gain that one¬†little¬†hour of sleep or¬†gain¬†new muscles, strength, endurance, and confidence? Every morning as the sun rises visualize how you see your fitness journey progressing and everyday you will renew that fire to keep going! Everyday you are one step closer.

My First Progress Photo April 2015

Weekly Meal Prep Recipe

Meal prep can be daunting when Sunday rolls around but tonight I have a great recipe that you can prep tonight and eat for lunch and/or dinner ALL week! There are only two things you have to cook ahead, chicken & broccoli, and will take you under 10 minutes to prepare!

  • In a skillet spray coconut oil and cook 6 chicken breasts
  • While the chicken is cooking place a bag of frozen broccoli into the microwave for 4-5 minutes.

For tonight’s meal place an Uncle Ben’s ready rice into the microwave for 90 seconds and¬†place in a bowl. Dice up one chicken breast and place over the rice. Add avocado slices, salsa, and light sour cream. The rice and chicken combo can be reused the entire week!

Tomorrow add broccoli (to the chicken & rice) and pour 2 tablespoons of honey mustard boathouse farms over the top.

Wednesday switch out the bolthouse farms for teriyaki sauce.

Thursday layer your rice & chicken with canned beans & corn, salsa, and avocado.

Lastly, on Friday forgo the rice and mix a diced chicken breast with teriyaki sauce, broccoli, and sesame seeds.

*Little adjustments thoughtout the week can make a seemingly simple meal into tasty treats!

Weekend Cheat Meal

I usually don’t have “cheat meals” because I fit most of my desserts or cravings into my macros everyday ūüôā but I do go out to eat once a week and because I usually eye ball the serving portions I do call my weekend outings “cheat meals”. Every Saturday I will post what I choose that weekend! My sister was in town this weekend and whenever she comes down to the Island we always stop at Tula’s Kitchen in Bay Shore, NY. All their food is organic and freshly prepared. They have an extensive vegan & vegetarian menu as well (my sister is a vegetarian) ! I chose a turkey & feta burger on an english muffin with hummus and sweet potato fries. For dessert I always have their vegan (yes vegan!!) molten lava chocolate cupcake. Tomorrow is Monday, let’s get that gym bag packed for tomorrow morning’s AM workout! Goodnight all!



Snack of the Day

Healthy & Tasty Munchies


I am always looking for new snacks that keep my mouth busy but ALSO have more than two of! At target they sell these BIG bags of dried fruit, they have two kinds: mixed berries & peach, and the entire bag is ONE serving with only 38g of carbs (no fat or protein) ! Snack on them throughout the day when you aren’t hungry but want to munch. Guaranteed you won’t be able to eat the whole bag!



Hit the 3 week Gym Slump?

When the Gym loses its Appeal & Excitement

Everything has an expiration date. Bought a new shirt? Your wore it once and then you forgot it in the back of your closet for the next 3 months. Started a fitness account on instagram? You stopped posting your every meal and gym selfie. Started a diet like shakeology or weight watchers? You got tired of dragging your scale around. The trick to keeping to your new lifestyle change whether it be fitness or nutrition is to keep it entertaining and interesting. One of the reason I joined my bodybuilding team is because not only does my workouts change monthly but the excitement of an upcoming show and then the excitement of making improvements in the offseason keeps my excitement going in full circle.

Try out one or two of the below tips and push through week 3 to continue your fitness journey!

  • If you have 4 workouts a week: look at the fitness classes offered at your gym and take a spin, kickboxing, or TRX class on one of your rest days
  • Take your cardio to the streets, to a state park, or to the pool
  • Bring a friend with you one day a week and get a post workout smoothie together
  • Have your personal trainer bill you for every workout you miss
  • Even though you might not feel like going, drink coffee and just show up. Once you get there it will only be smooth sailing from there (sometimes my husband literally locks the door on me haha!)
  • Call a friend everyday in week 3 and talk to her on the way to the gym
  • Take a progress picture everyday in week 3, small improvements will continue the motivation “well” to continue your fitness journey
  • Create a small goal¬†for the next month, like¬†signing up for a charity 5k


At Home Ab/Core Workout for Your 30 min TV show



Wednesdays are for abs! Do you have a rest day or were you unable to schedule in a gym session? Here is an at home workout you can do while catching up on your TV episode.


  • 40 Jumping Jacks

Rest 15 seconds

  • 1o pushups

Rest 15 seconds

  • 20 Spidermans (in straight arm plank position and bring knee up & outside to your elbow, alternate legs)

Rest 15 seconds

  • 10 incline pushups on your couch

Rest 15 seconds

  • 30 bicycle crunches (move legs slowing in and out)

Rest 15 seconds

  • 1 min plank

Rest 15 seconds

  • 35 sec Right side plank

Rest 15 seconds

  • 35 sec left side plank

Rest 15 seconds

  • 50 mountain climbers

Rest 15 seconds

  • 15 burpees

Rest 15 seconds

  • Lying V ups to failure (Lay down on fully on your back and at the same time crunch up with your arms by your side and swing your legs from the floor to 90 degrees. Touch legs near feet and lay back down)


Rest 2 minutes

Repeat circuit 2-3 times

“Today’s Quick Crockpot Recipe”

Healthy “Chinese Take-out”

I love Asian inspired dishes and I am always looking for easy and healthy remakes of classic Asian meals.

 Recipe for an easy 5 minute prepared Crockpot lunch or dinner:

In a crockpot place 6 chicken breasts and teriyaki sauce (no fat/protein, just carbs!). Set the crockpot timer for 3-4 hours on low. ¬†Tomorrow before lunch or dinner place Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice into the microwave for 90 seconds and a frozen bag of mixed veggies, my favorite is the Asian medley mixed veggies, for 3-4 minutes. Layer rice, veggies, and chicken!

Freeze for later meals!

*Recipe found on the Today Show Facebook page

Vegetarian Friday’s

The Sexy Vegan

Lent is in full swing so on¬†Friday’s we are not allowed to eat meat. Most people choose fish for dinner, but I thought that this would be a great day to post a Vegetarian dinner for the fitness crowd who are meatless.

Adapted recipe from: The Sexy Vegan Cookbook by Brian L. Patton

“The Quote-Unquote Tuna Melt”

  1. Mash in a bowl: 15 oz of chickpeas
  2. In another bowl: mix together 1 teaspoon dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 3 tablespoons greek yogurt or light mayo, 1 tablespoon relish, 2 tablespoons of chopped onion, 1 celery stalks into cubes, salt & pepper to taste
  3. Mix together mayo mixture & chickpeas
  4. Joseph Lavash wraps or panini/english muffin/or other bread of choice: coat outside of bread with coconut oil spray and inbetween the slices place one serving of Go Veggie shredded cheese (the best vegan cheese found in the refrigerated section next to the vegetables) or Borden slice cheese (0g fat, has a picture of a cow on the front) and also some of the chickpea mixture.
  5. Place sandwich into panini press or cook in a skillet

“The Best Macro-Friendly Snacks at Your Favorite Spots”


The Fitness Pal app has a new feature where it can locate what restaurant or food chain you currently are sitting in and can show you the fat, carbs, and protein amounts for each of their menu options. I thought I would post the top macro-friendly snack at some of the most popular chains so¬†the next time you are out and need a quick bite to eat you can easily order ūüôā

  • Auntie Ann original pretzel:

340 cal

4g fat, 72g carbs, 10g protein

  • Dunkin Donuts: English muffin with egg & cheese

335 calories

9g fat, 47 carbs, 16g protein

  • Einstein Bros Bagels: Pumpkin Bagel

310 calories

2g fat, 66 carbs, & 11g protein

  • Jamba Juice : Bright Eyed & Blueberry or Protein Berry Pizzazz

280 calories

1g fat, 55g carbs, 14g protein

  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Cinnamon Twist

230 calories

9g fat, 33g carbs, & 3G protein

  • Starbucks: Morning Sunrise Muffin

330 calories

12g fat, 54g carbs, & 2g protein