Let Me Take a #Selfie

“Why can’t she put some clothes on?”


All of my non-fitness friends tell me they feel intimidated by all the fitness accounts on social media because the owners of said accounts are always taking pictures in their bra and thong. They tend to have negative thoughts towards these accounts and do not feel the motivation or drive to start their fitness journey. There seems to be two opposite ends of the spectrum with no middle ground: you are either a muscle & scantily clad fitness chick who works out 24/7 or a girl who goes to the gym and does cardio or attends yoga twice a month in their sweatsuit. One of the reasons I started my business, Cal Fit Balance, was to bridge this huge gap and bring the fitness lifestyle to my friends & family who are not bodybuilders but want to begin their fitness journey but don’t know how. One of the behaviors I would like to change is the negative connotation that surrounds fitness selfies. Take those progress photos and don’t be afraid to post them! Every time you go to the gym take a selfie and post it. It will not only keep you accountable, but you will motivate others to join with you and cheer you on as you reach your goals. Befriend the layout app that connects to your instagram account and place side by side photos of your first week on your fitness journey with your fourth week. Not only will you be able to see noticeable differences, but you will also begin to love yourself now and also love the changes happening. This will motivate you to continue on your fitness journey. So go ahead and before you leave for your run, gym session, or yoga class, say, “wait! let me take a selfie!”.




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