“Exercise: You don’t have time not to”



I heard the same statement from two of my family members and then later that week my best friend, “I don’t have the time to exercise” or “I wish I had time to go to the gym.” Currently I am a stay at home mom (it is a 24/7 job!) I also nanny several days a week for a family I have been helping out for the past four years. Even with the part time nannying I sometimes do still have to wake up early to get in a workout or go to the gym after the baby falls asleep at 7pm because of my husband’s work schedule. But, for about 4 months I did have just about a full time job. While I was working my commute was an hour one way! While this was going on I regularly worked out in the AM from 6-8 with my alarm clock set for 5:30. The one thing I kept telling my family and friends when they would complain they wanted to go to the gym more often was that you have to make sacrifices. Sometimes those sacrifices are: getting home late at night and only having time for a quick bite to eat and one kiss goodnight to your significant other, a lingering pile of laundry, a crockpot meal, or a 5:30am wake up call. But when you schedule in your workouts you will see that these sacrifices don’t need to happen every day. If your goal is to schedule in 4 workouts a week make two of those days Saturday and Sunday. Now you only have to make those sacrifices on two workday days: Tuesday and Thursday. Many people believe you have to make sacrifices everyday to begin their fitness journey or to make real progress so they don’t even start. What they don’t realize is that all you need is four days and ONLY two sacrifice days. Can you wake up at 5:30am two out of seven days? Try it and find out!




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