Heading to the Gym Tomorrow AM?

“The Night Before”

If you are getting up early tomorrow morning before work to go to the gym here are a few tips to make it quicker to get out the door:

Pack tonight before bed:

  • Pick out a small gym bag : I found my Tommy Hilfer shoulder bag with a zipper for $25 at TJMaxx
  • Lay out your clothes next to your bag & place socks into your sneakers
  • For your preworkout snack: Buy a protein bar (my favorites are Robert Irvine’s Fitcrunch bars) or in a sandwich bag put 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (my favorite is nuts n more salted caramel, more liquid than traditional peanut butters so it’s great; spreadable & dippable)  inbetween two rice cakes to eat on your way to the gym whether your walking or driving
  • Fill blender bottle to about 8 oz and in the morning add one scoop of preworkout (I use the GNC brand: pro sculpt powder in flavor pink lemonade or green apple. GNC male workers always mention it is their favorite and doesn’t have crazy things in it. I do not have any symptoms taking it and it is great for early morning energy)
  • Post workout: you only have a 20 minute window after your workout to fuel your muscles with high glycemic carbs aka white carbs (no fat, slows the process of carbs being absorbed by your muscles) and protein. By the time you get out of the gym, get home, and prepare food your 20 minute window is up and you will end up eating something processed and quick because you are starving. The night before toast an English muffin & spread 1 tablespoon of jam and place in a Baggie into your gym bag. I also always keep my whey isolate protein in my gym bag. It comes in a small package, not a big container, so it’s easily portable. There are great proteins out there by muscle pharm, muscle tech, combat, and pe science. I use GNC ripped whey isolate protein in chocolate peanut butter (the plain chocolate has a weird aftertaste). After your workout fill your blender bottle to 20 oz and add a scoop of protein.
  • Print out your workout and look up the exercises on video that you don’t know. Write in key notes on your workout sheet so that you can easily remember the proper form and positioning in the morning.
  • Pack your watch. I have an Apple Watch that I use the timer for the rest intervals and for cardio to reach the calories I have to burn (I usually have to burn 100-150 cardio calories after my lift session).
  • Pack your headphones. I absolutely love my wireless beat headphones. I turn my music on and leave my phone at the welcome desk while I work out throughout the gym without the hassle of having my phone on me and the headphone cords.
  • Pen. Keep track of your sets and write in the weight that you do so you know next time you go into the gym to do that exercise you can try to get a PR or in swimming we say PB.
  • Don’t forget a lock! Especially during the winter when you have a coat, boots, and sunglasses.


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