Just Can’t Make it to the Gym?

My Tips for Finding Motivation

Does laying down on the couch after work at 6pm watching the show you DVRed sound better than getting dressed in all your winter layers and driving to the gym to sweat? There was a time when this did sound like the best ending to my day. Before having my son I would go to the gym  5-6 days a week to lift and run, but when I got clearance to return to my routine 8 weeks after having my son I had no desire to go to gym. It was another 3-4 months of only attending the gym a handful of times before I started lifting daily again. There were a couple of things along the way that I found motivated me to get out bed and to the gym.

Treat yourself to some relaxation:

Ever go down to pick up a weight and you notice your chipped nails? The entire hour that’s all you can think about. Get a fresh manicure! Feel refreshed and ready to show off those nails. I actually just received a compliment on my spring green nails this morning in the gym and who doesn’t love compliments 😉


Upgrade your wardrobe:

This time of year is the perfect time to get new sneakers or new gym clothes. The stores are clearing out their unsold winter items for the new spring line. Victoria’s Secret & Dick’s Sporting Goods are both offering deep discounts on their athletic wear. Like many other girls I know I love to shop, and some new workout gear is a great motivator!  A matching top and bottom will get up and out of bed at 5:30am!


Questbar, Oh Yeah! bars, Combat Crunch, and Fitcrunch bars are always coming out with new flavors of bars and limited edition flavors. If I know I have a couple of early morning workouts coming up I will go to GNC and buy a new flavor I haven’t tried before. The Fitcrunch bars by Robert Irvine are my absolute favorite! It’s basically a huge candy bar with great texture and flavor. I usually cut it in half and make it my pre workout snack for the next two days (carbs usually fit into my macro plan but it does have a high fat content). His bars will want me waking up early just so I can have it!

Progress photos

Take a picture every week and once you start to see the small changes it will keep you motivated to keep going back to the gym! Every time you go to gym take a #gymselfie. Once people start to see your new journey they might take the plunge with you and it will keep you accountable!









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