“Sunday Sundae”


Sunday Sundae! I love dessert and yes we can stay fit and still find the balance with sweets! I am currently 15 weeks out from my competition and the desserts don’t end, they just get more creative 😉 My mother in law is always stopping by and dropping off new finds she comes across and she found two great desserts for me this week! Dannon has just come out with light & fit Greek yogurt whips : 0g of fat, 11g of carbs, and 9g of protein. I usually don’t watch the sugar but it is only 10g and chobani flavored ones are usually at 20+ grams. I have tried the coconut flavored whips and it was amazing! It did have the sweet aftertaste, but it is a good substitute for a sweet treat. Top it off with a few banana slices & coconut flakes! Meringues are very underrated. Have 8 meringue puffs for 0g of protein & fat and about 25g of carbs! Spread them out throughout the day and stay satisfied. Stay tuned next Sunday for new macro friendly sweet treats!


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