Hit the 3 week Gym Slump?

When the Gym loses its Appeal & Excitement

Everything has an expiration date. Bought a new shirt? Your wore it once and then you forgot it in the back of your closet for the next 3 months. Started a fitness account on instagram? You stopped posting your every meal and gym selfie. Started a diet like shakeology or weight watchers? You got tired of dragging your scale around. The trick to keeping to your new lifestyle change whether it be fitness or nutrition is to keep it entertaining and interesting. One of the reason I joined my bodybuilding team is because not only does my workouts change monthly but the excitement of an upcoming show and then the excitement of making improvements in the offseason keeps my excitement going in full circle.

Try out one or two of the below tips and push through week 3 to continue your fitness journey!

  • If you have 4 workouts a week: look at the fitness classes offered at your gym and take a spin, kickboxing, or TRX class on one of your rest days
  • Take your cardio to the streets, to a state park, or to the pool
  • Bring a friend with you one day a week and get a post workout smoothie together
  • Have your personal trainer bill you for every workout you miss
  • Even though you might not feel like going, drink coffee and just show up. Once you get there it will only be smooth sailing from there (sometimes my husband literally locks the door on me haha!)
  • Call a friend everyday in week 3 and talk to her on the way to the gym
  • Take a progress picture everyday in week 3, small improvements will continue the motivation “well” to continue your fitness journey
  • Create a small goal for the next month, like signing up for a charity 5k



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