Today’s Motivation

“When your Good Workout Week Has a Hiccup”


So you have sweated it out, made some PR’s, and completed 2-3 workouts so far. BUT then the inevitable happens….Did you drive all the way to the gym and forgot your sneakers? Halfway through your workout week and extremely sore? Didn’t pack your post-workout snack and hangry (opted for last nights pizza instead of the much needed carbs & protein)?  First thing, remember that every challenge and obstacle is only going to make you more mentally tough. This will lead you to be able to continue your fitness journey with more ease! Don’t let this one “bad” moment take away from your PR’s or THREE completed workouts. Our brain is wired to focus on the bad rather than the good but you can retrain your mind to focus on all the positive moments you have collected so far. And that tomorrow is a new day!! Stay in the moment and don’t let a little hiccup keep you from further progressing and challenging yourself 🙂

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Daily Nutritional Advice

Which Yogurt Should I Choose?

Chobani, Light & Fit, Fage…So many yogurts and greek yogurts to choose from! Which one’s are the best for your fitness journey?

Fage 0% is the top choice when choosing a yogurt for snack or breakfast. It has 0g sugar, 0g fat, 9g carbs, & 23g of protein. Chobani’s, on the otherhand, can pack 20+g of sugar, 20g carbs, & they only have 14g of protein.

Add toppings for texture & flavor! A few of my favorite toppings are chocolate chips, peanut butter, granola, berries, and I love dipping apple slices into my fage!

Protein French Toast!

Sunday Breakfast or Post-Workout!

  • Whisk together in a bowl: 1/4 cup vanilla protein, 2 eggs (or substitute for egg whites), and 1/2 cup almond milk
  • Dip your 2 slices of bread into the mixture coating each side
  • Spray your pan with coconut oil spray and place bread slices in pan
  • Flip once
  • Place on a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon, and rop with berries, Cool Whip, and/or syrup!

Conditioning Workout


100 cardio calories 

5- 10 mins of stretching: foam roller, bands, yoga

Repeat 2-3x:

30 second rest interval inbetween each:
15 Burpees

20 Squat Jumps 

30 Side Lateral Raises 

30 Side Lunges

30 Dumbbell Bicep Curls

20 Jumping Lunges 

10 Tricep Push-ups

30 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

25 Squat Jumps

10 Tricep Push-ups 

30 Goblet Squats  

20 Hammer Dumbbell Curls 

10 Burpees

Cool down

15 mins steady pace run on treadmill or outside or 20 min bike outside 

*cardio is optional

Cauliflower Crust Pizza! 

Super Easy & Quick Meal!

-Preheat oven to 350
-Buy prepackaged “riced” cauliflower (mine came out to 400g), also can be found in the freezer section
-Mix the riced cauliflower in a bowl with 2-3 egg whites, 56g of low fat shredded cheese, oregano/garlic/salt, and place on a pre sprayed baking sheet. Layer the cauliflower mixture very thinly to make your pizza crust
-Bake for 30 mins, should be browned and crispy!
-While your crust is baking: dice up a 6-8 oz chicken breast and 100g of onion and cook in a pan
-Take out your crust and layer with the chicken, onion, and 3 tablespoons of sweet onion bolthouse farms dressing (or dressing of your choice), and a sprinkle of shredded parm
Anyone making this for pizza Friday’s??
*Email me at to find out how to balance fitness and nutrition into your life! Includes 5 workouts a week, daily check-ins, and access to my blog!

Monday Mental 

“Today’s Mental Toughness Challenge” 

Mondayssss. If you can challenge yourself and push through a Monday, the rest of the week will fly by. By finishing a workout on Monday you will have one workout under your belt in case you have an obstacle later in the week. Every week there will be at least one obstacle and one of the important factors in overcoming that obstacle is being prepared earlier in the week. Maybe your meeting went later than expected, you caught a stomache bug, or a friend you haven’t seen in awhile asked you out for drinks. Knowing you accomplished your workout on Monday will decrease your stress later in the week and give you confidence & strength to finish out the week strong. So you enjoyed your relaxing holiday weekend but make sure tonight you meal prep a few food items, lay out your workout clothes, and make your pre/post workout snacks so you will have no excuses to skip tomorrow’s workout!

 never skip monday

Sunday Sundae

Today’s macro friendly sweet treat is… EASTER CANDY 😍👏🏻

  • 26 Sweettart jelly beans: 36g of carbs
  • 1 mini Reese’s egg: 5g fat, 9g carbs, 2g protein
  • 3 Egg shaped Peppermint Patties: 3G fat & 30g of carbs
  • 4 mini chocolate Hershey eggs: 6g fat & 12g carbs
  • 1 Cadbury creme egg: 6g fat & 24g carbs

Stick with the mini options of popular candies & jelly beans for very macro-friendly treats today! But stay away from the peanut M&Ms, 40g packs 11g of fat.


Weekend Meal Prep Recipe


Coconut Chicken Salad


  • Preheat oven to 375 & spray baking sheet with coconut oil spray
  • In one bowl mix together: 6 tbsp shredded coconut, 1/4 cup panko crumbs or coconut flour, 2 tbsp crushed cornflake crumbs, & pinch of salt
  • In another bowl place 1/3 cup egg substitute or egg whites
  • Take your 6 (about 12 oz) chicken tenderloins and dip each one into the egg mixture and then into the coconut mixture
  • Place your chicken onto the baking sheet and cook for 30 minutes, flipping them over at the 15 min mark (I would start watching the chicken for browning at 20 mins)
  • While the chicken is cooking mix together the vinaigrette: 1 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp white vinegar or balsamic, and 2 tsp dijon mustard
  • Place 85g of salad greens onto a plate and top with shredded carrots, slices of cucumber & tomato, 2 coconut chickens, and some of the vinaigrette




*Adapted from Skinny Taste:

Nutritional Tip of the Day

Choose vegetables with a high fiber count over vegetables with a low fiber count. Your body digests fibrous carbs for much longer than non-fibrous carbs. When you eat vegetables with little to no fiber your pancreas has to secrete a large amount of insulin to balance the glucose in your blood. When your body produces this large amount of insulin it makes it much harder for your body to burn fat.

Examples of vegetables with a high fiber count:




-Green Peas