2:00pm Afternoon Hunger Strike

How to Get Through the 2pm Nutrition SLUMP

As a mom of one little boy and nanny of two other young boys I usually spend my morning running around doing dishes, laundry, making breakfasts, drop offs at school, and don’t end up eating breakfast until 11am/12pm. So once 2pm comes rolling around I usually feel so hungry I end up nibbling on 10 different snacks until my meal is ready. Dr. Oz said that when we crave sugar we actually are low on energy. This explains why we usually go for a sweet treat around 2pm because we are not only hungry but also feeling tired. I usually will brew myself a coffee at 2pm with 1 tbs of caramel coffee creamer to quench the sweet treat on my mind and then I will have something full of fiber to keep me full for another few hours until dinner.

Some of my snack options include:

  • Apple slices dipped in a chobani yogurt
  • cauliflower drenched in hot sauce and dipped in OPA blue cheese
  • roasted rainbow carrots dipped in garlic hummus
  • bowl of mixed raspberries & blueberries with 3 tbs of cool whip
  • salad with diced chicken/cherry tomatoes/mixed greens/and boathouse farms honey mustard

As you can see my snacks have multiple components to them to keep not only my mind busy but also my mouth. Lets get through this 2pm slump together!


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