Daily Reminders

Daily Fitness Tips

  • Drink a gallon of water a day : Your muscles are made up of 70% of water! To grow those muscles and help them recover you have to DRINK (coffee doesn’t count)
  • Pack post workout fuel before you leave for the gym:
    • You only have a 20 min window to fuel those muscles for recovery!
    • This will also eliminate you grabbing something non-nutritious on your way home or the post workout feast of your entire fridge. Pack: protein powder (20g of protein) & a high glycemic carb with 25-35g of carbs for example an english muffin with jelly, rice cakes, or cereal
  • Also pre-pack a protein bar if you feel light headed half way through your workout…sometimes you need the sugar to help relieve the dizziness because you already ran through your fuel tank and are running on empty
  • Eat a meal 45 min – 1 hr after your post workout snack
  • Remember it is all about balance, 80% nutritious and 20% cravings
  • Your one day closer to new progress photos!




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