Snack of the Day


Berry Yogurt Bowl


My mother-in-law sent me this amazing dessert she had last night! It can also be used as a snack to satisfy your sweet cravings during the day to help push you through the 2pm slump! Did you know 100 blueberries equals 100 calories?? Berry season is just beginning to start in the grocery stores: the prices are going down and the taste is improving (they are so sweet!).

Layer a mix of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries on the bottom of a bowl and place over the top a Yo Plait whipped greek yogurt at 80 calories (she used lemon meringue whipped greek yogurt: no fat, protein 13g, and carbs 11g).

*Optional: add unsweetened coconut flakes (a sprinkle will be 0 macros! <1g) or add 2 tablespoons of light cool whip (1g fat 3g carbs)




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