Tips for Staying on Your Nutrition Plan

When Your Boss Orders Pizza

  • Always pack an extra meal or snack (or two!). Its always better to be over prepared than underprepared; you never know if your meeting will run later than normal, there’s traffic on the way home, or you forgot about an event you have to attend to after work.
  • Eat your small meal and then eat one slice of pizza. Your small meal will replace the second slice of pizza you would of had.
  • Always keep a protein or granola bar or snack size candy (peppermint paddy or snack sized milky) in your purse.
    • Someone bring cake or doughnuts into work? Save 200 calories and 15g of fat by eating your snack size candy or bar instead
  • Pack tupperwares the night before!
    • Someone will always have something to say when you go outside the norm, don’t be afraid to bring in a lunch tote with your meals!
    • Packing your meals the night before will leave you more time to sleep in the morning and will make sure you correctly hit your macros
  • Bring in healthier versions of your favorite cookies or pizza! Look for past posts on the recipes I have posted 🙂




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