Joining a Gym (or New Gym!)

“First Day at the Gym”

Joining a gym can be very intimidating and can place you outside your comfort zone. It still is uncomfortable even for someone like me who lives and breathes fitness! I just moved to a new home and my former gym, the YMCA, is now too long of a distance for my husband and I to go separately everyday (someone stays home to watch the little guy) so we joined a new gym only 1 mile down the road. I even signed up at the new gym but didn’t get up the nerve to cancel my old membership for an entire week! I have found some tips along my own journey to help you better adjust 🙂

  • Don’t miss a workout!
    • You will begin to recognize the people around you at the gym and they will in turn begin to recognize you. I usually head to the gym around 9am every morning and I can tell you exactly who will be there 🙂 We have come to know about each other and greet each other every morning
  • Go straight to the cardio machines
    • Do your 5-10 minute warmup on a cardio machine: this will allow you to look around and start to map out where everything is. You will be able to relax and get your bearings before you dive right in to your workout
  • Ask for a tour
    • Go during slow hours (usually Sunday mornings are a great time) and ask the front desk manager for a tour. They usually don’t do much behind the desk besides check people in and will be eager to help you!
  • Keep your old membership
    • Start by going 1-2 days a week at your new gym and the rest at your old gym. This will take the pressure off of joining all at once and create baby steps to help you feel comfortable in your new gym. But give yourself only a two week leeway and cancel your old membership once the two weeks are up
  • Friends
    • Take a friend with you the first day and use them as a safety net 🙂 You will seem like you already know what to do!



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