Monday Mental

Monday Mental Toughness Exercise

One of the hardest sets in the gym that has been mental challenging for me is a set of 20-25 reps x3 on the leg extension machine. It is performed with light weight but about rep 12 no matter the weight used I start to feel a slight burn and I have to work through the next 12 reps with major discomfort. Next time you have a set of 10-12 reps and start to fail at rep 8 start to tune into your music through your headphones, stare/zone out at an object across the gym, or repeat a positive mantra over and over in your head. Not only will you work on your mental toughness but you will also increase your strength!





Mental toughness is…
It means being able to keep on performing whilst in extreme discomfort. It’s the ability to mentally overcome the brain, which is telling you to stop, and keep pushing yourself forward, even if things aren’t going well.

-Mark Pattinson, age 44, Endurance Racing Cyclist


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