Mind Muscle Connection (MMC) 

Want to know how to improve your workouts? Through practice one can greatly improve the effectiveness of their lifts by working on a term call “Mind Muscle Connection“. When you improve your MMC you are training your body to use more muscle fibers when you complete a rep.

A common mistake is thinking that by lifting more weight you will have had worked that muscle more. It is the act of the muscle contracting that builds the muscle and not the weight. By lifting too heavy you may be only using 20% of the target muscle and 80% of the secondary muscle. When you ideally want to be working the target muscle 80% and 20% secondary.

Here are some tips to help you improve you MMC:

  • Before picking up a weight, contract the target muscle you will be using, ex triceps
  • Start with warmup sets with light weight and really focus on pushing or pulling the weight with your target muscle
  • Instead of focusing on how much weight you are lifting, focus on the quality of each rep
  • Complete each rep slowly
  • Contract the muscle mid rep before the negative part of the rep, for example when you lower your arms during a bicep curl

How have you improved your MMC?



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