All About Protein 

When I first began tracking on the FitnessPal app before receiving my first chart of macros my protein was around 60-90g a day. I started to notice on my friend’s diaries that they were also doing the same. Today my average protein intake is 145g which is about 1.0g per pound of body weight. That is the lowest recommended per pound of body weight, 1.0g, for people that exercise. The reason is that you need a certain amount of protein for your body to be able to repair and build lean muscle mass. If you exercise regularly and your body does not receive an adequate amount of protein then you put your body at risk of impairment from recovery leading to injury. 

There are two types of protein powder that help in two different ways. Whey isolate is the protein powder best taken right after a workout because your muscles immediately absorb it. Casein protein powder is released slowly over a couple of hours to keep you full. This is great as a meal replacement and before bed to aid in the recovery process overnight. It is actually best to have protein right before you go to sleep because if your hungry when you go to bed your body will have to take fuel from other sources in your body, like your muscles. 

Most people tend to only have protein at lunch and at dinner in some form of meat because snacks (pretzel, granola bar, Apple) and breakfast (cereal, English muffin, pancakes, banana, oatmeal) are usually all carbs. But to reach your protein count for the day you will have to add a protein source to your snacks and/or breakfast. Some ideas include: Greek yogurt, protein shake, cottage cheese, and broccoli. 



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