“Bad” Foods vs “Good” Foods


“IIFYM” or if it fits your macros is the best nutrition plan if you want to create a fit lifestyle. Foods are not labeled as “good” or “bad”.

If you want to have pizza for dinner tonight then you log into FitnessPal the slices you are going to eat tonight and you work the rest of your meals for the day around the pizza. Bagels are great post workout carbs because the sugar in the carbs are immediately absorbed by your muscles, and you need to refuel your muscles in the 20 min window. I love this style of eating because it eliminates the guilt and anxiety normally associated with foods such as ice cream, pizza, bagels, and doughnuts. Bagels and doughnuts can be used properly as post and pre workout and on refeed days, a day where your carbs or fat are double or triple what they normally are on am average day, pizza is a great option. It does not mean that you can have pizza everyday but with anything it is all about balance; work/play, exercise/rest days, and nutritious foods/non nutritious foods. My days usually consist of 80% nutrient dense foods with 20% dessert/cravings. 

In a previous post, “All About Protein”, I talk about how one has to reach an adequate amount of protein to be able to give your muscles the necessary fuel to repair itself. Think of food in general as fuel rather than the enemy: to grow muscle you have to feed it. We grow up thinking the less food we eat the skinnier we will be. The focus should be off the amount we have on our plates and more so on the make-up of the food (carbs, protein, fat). With macros you progressively eat more as your body can maintain more calories at the same weight. As you build muscles the more calories they are burning. 

What “bad food” will you label good?




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