Goal Setting

Establishing Your First Goal to

Everyone has obstacles they have to overcome to find the balance to add their fitness journey to their already chaotic lives. The first step of your fitness journey should be to set a goal that will allow you to accomplish your journey.

-Write a list of everything that would help prepare you for your fitness journey and allow you to continue your journey. A few items on my list are:

  • Daycare at the gym
  • Good health
  • Supporting husband and family
  • Funds for a personal trainer
  • Life stress (working parent)

-Now cross off the items you have no control over

  • An example would be: torn ligament in shoulder

-Of the items left on your list rank them in order of how difficult they will be to overcome

– Identify the weak points and focus your efforts on those

Now you can begin to set your first goal! Is one of your weaknesses finding balance between work and fitness? Set one small goal of going to the gym 2 days a week and write it into your calendar!

What goal have you set today?


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