Rethinking Breakfast

One of the major questions that is always asked about breakfast is should I skip breakfast or should I eat breakfast? Hopefully now it is established that you should eat breakfast in the morning. There have been numerous studies done that have shown that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more later in the day and have more body fat then the people who ate breakfast.

So now we know to eat breakfast….But what should our breakfast consist of? It actually is more important than you think.

One nutrition tip before we dive into breakfast is that when you eat fat separately from your carbs you will metabolize more fat, rather than taking fuel from the carbs you just ate, during the day and gain more lean muscle.

 Studies have shown that people who ate a low carb & high fat breakfast used the fat as fuel at a much higher rate than the people who ate a high carb & low fat breakfast. The people who ate a high carb & low fat breakfast their bodies ended up using the carbs as fuel and storing the fat. “Research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham” found that the people who ate a high fat breakfast were MORE leaner, because they burned more fat at a higher rate, than the people who ate a high carb breakfast!

So eating the correct formula for breakfast can optimize your metabolic state for the upcoming day.

Now that we talked about carbs & fat, we are still missing the last link! After sleeping all night your body has low protein synthesis and high muscle breakdown. In a previous post labeled, All About Protein, I mentioned how most people eat their protein at lunch and dinner and forget about breakfast. After essentially a “fast” overnight it is very important to add 30g of protein into your breakfast to help your muscles begin to recover again. Also, adding 30g of protein at breakfast will keep you fuller longer AND help you burn more fat during the day than if you had zero protein at breakfast.

In conclusion make sure your breakfast consists of 30 or less grams of carbs, 15-20g of fat, and 30g of protein. (Adapted from

Tomorrow will you choose a doughnut, yogurt bowl, or oatmeal bowl? Or a combination of two? 



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