Monday Mental Toughness

Yesterday, Sunday, it took me all day to get to the gym. Literally ALL day. I was planning on going in the morning around 8/9am but I just had no desire to go. Finally it was 2pm and the gym was closing early so I ate a peppermint patty and wrote down my workout. I remember the first thing I said to my husband before I walked out the door, “OMG look at what I have to do!”. Even before I stepped out of the house I was setting myself up for failure. In that moment I should of stopped my negative trail of thought and completed today’s mental toughness exercise. Everyone has those days in their fitness journey where they can’t get up the energy to go to the gym and once they get there it is a struggle the entire way. Or halfway through your workout you lose steam & energy and don’t lift the rest of your workout with the same vigor you came in with. Some people might back off when they begin to hurt physically and mentally and some may just quit all together. Next time you have one of this frustrating days try this exercise: don’t look ahead of what you have left to finish or even how many sets you have left to complete. Instead stay in the moment. Only think about what is currently happening, rep by rep. If you catch yourself looking to see how many sets you have left begin to focus on here and now and look to see how much rest you have on the watch, take a swing of water, and focus on completing each rep in its own moment. 


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