You Can’t Out Train a Poor Diet

Peanut Butter & Jelly, Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness & nutrition go together like PB&J because of how nutrition, if applied correctly, can optimize your workouts to their fullest potential and progress to lean muscle at a much higher rate. If you had a  2 hour long weight lifting & cardio HIIT session wouldn’t you like to know that the entire 120 minutes counted towards your fat loss & lean muscle gains? Nutrition plays such an important role into our fitness journey: pre & post-workout for optimizing fat loss & recovery, the formula of carbs to fats at breakfast for optimal fat fuel & metabolism, and if your intake of protein is low you can greatly impair your body’s process of recovery & muscle building, which can lead to injury.

Whether you follow weight watchers, “iifym” if it fits your macro plan, clean eating, or shakeology make sure you are getting 100% out of your workouts by following a nutrition plan alongside your fitness journey!


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