Your First Progress Photos

Just 4 weeks ago you snapped your first photos marking the first step on your fitness journey. It is now the end of your first 4 weeks of prepping insane amounts of veggies, eating out of tupperwares, early mornings, late night conditioning workouts, and saying “no” to that second slice of pizza or beer.

Before you snap your new progress photos and compare them to your old ones, using the layout app, let’s reflect back on the last four weeks. Lets acknowledge all the time, effort, and sweat you have poured out for the sake of your fitness journey. There are very few people who commit to not only fitness but also nutrition for 4 weeks without missing a workout!

Remember, there is more dedication, time, and effort ahead, which will only lead to more progress mentally & physically. Let’s praise those small victories, those few pounds, or inch/es lost, or even slight definition. Its a journey and this is only the beginning!

Now take those photos!






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