Monday Mental 

“Today’s Mental Toughness Challenge” 

Mondayssss. If you can challenge yourself and push through a Monday, the rest of the week will fly by. By finishing a workout on Monday you will have one workout under your belt in case you have an obstacle later in the week. Every week there will be at least one obstacle and one of the important factors in overcoming that obstacle is being prepared earlier in the week. Maybe your meeting went later than expected, you caught a stomache bug, or a friend you haven’t seen in awhile asked you out for drinks. Knowing you accomplished your workout on Monday will decrease your stress later in the week and give you confidence & strength to finish out the week strong. So you enjoyed your relaxing holiday weekend but make sure tonight you meal prep a few food items, lay out your workout clothes, and make your pre/post workout snacks so you will have no excuses to skip tomorrow’s workout!

 never skip monday


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