Today’s Motivation

“When your Good Workout Week Has a Hiccup”


So you have sweated it out, made some PR’s, and completed 2-3 workouts so far. BUT then the inevitable happens….Did you drive all the way to the gym and forgot your sneakers? Halfway through your workout week and extremely sore? Didn’t pack your post-workout snack and hangry (opted for last nights pizza instead of the much needed carbs & protein)?  First thing, remember that every challenge and obstacle is only going to make you more mentally tough. This will lead you to be able to continue your fitness journey with more ease! Don’t let this one “bad” moment take away from your PR’s or THREE completed workouts. Our brain is wired to focus on the bad rather than the good but you can retrain your mind to focus on all the positive moments you have collected so far. And that tomorrow is a new day!! Stay in the moment and don’t let a little hiccup keep you from further progressing and challenging yourself 🙂

motivation blog post


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