Snack of the Day

“Eat Me Guilt Free” Brownies

This small company called, Eat Me Guilt Free, is gaining more and more traction everyday! They can be found in a few small chains, like fitness stores or gyms, but I usually order mine online ( I not only love these brownies as a sweet treat or dessert, top with fruit & Cool Whip, but they are a great pre-workout to eat in the car on the way to the gym (slice in half and add PB!). Any portable pre or post-workouts I can find, like rice cakes & PB, are high on my list! I just ordered Limited Edition Birthday Cake flavor and their macros are: 175 calories, 5g fat, 10g carbs, & 22g protein. For a dozen brownies they are on sale now for $30 instead of $36! There are a lot of people on Instagram who promote their coupon code for $3 off (for example, Jenessa10…just type in the hashtag “eatmeguiltfree”). I also have a coupon code I can give you for an extra $5 off! Get $5 off your first purchase using my unique referral code:


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