Fitness Accessories


My Favorite Fitness Accessory

To improve in anything whether it is your job, hobbies, sports, or fitness you have to invest your time & money. If you want to progress in your fitness journey quicker and easier there are a few fitness accessories that can speed up your results and transformation. My favorite fitness accessory is my apple watch. I got my watch over two years ago and I have worn it everyday since! The up-front pay of $350 definitely hurt a little but its value has most definitely surpassed the amount I have paid for it. The first thing that I use it for is my alarm in the morning. If you turn it to silent mode it won’t play sound but it will gently vibrate your wrist…I no longer wake my husband up at 5am! Most importantly, I use my watch for my HIIT cardio. It not only correctly tracks the amount of calories that I burn but it also displays my heart rate so I can make sure I am in my fat burning zone. I know if my heart rate is 150 then I am at moderate speed and need to kick it up a notch to reach 170 HR.



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