Motivational Monday

Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow


So you created a goal for yourself, “tone my lower body”. What if you have self-doubts and think that this is a goal that you will never obtain? I see a lot of postings on social media about moms who have given up, place the white flag in the sand, and stated that their new body is what they are now going to have to live with. I disagree with this line of thinking! Everyone who sets a goal for themselves can achieve it if they set themselves up for success. One way you can do this is by creating small successes for yourself, little goals that you know you can achieve. Going back to the goal of toning your lower body, maybe your first success would be that the first week you work on your form, by watching videos, asking friends, or an employee of your gym, and perform body weight squats. The next week you may hold a 5 pound weight in your hand. These small goals, goals that you know you can achieve, will keep you motivated to continue on the path towards your ultimate goal. This week write down a small goal that you know you can achieve!

Now rise & grind!



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