Mental Toughness Exercise

“Mental Workout”

Author, Jason Selk, has a 100 second, or 2 minute, mental toughness workout. I love that it is only two minutes!! Fits in perfect with the values of Cal Fit, creating the time in your life for fitness, nutrition, and mental health!  Try to challenge yourself to complete this every day before you fall asleep for 30 days!

Two Minute Mental Workout:

  1. Start with a centering breath. Breathe in for six seconds. Hold that breath for two seconds, and then breathe out for seven seconds. Controlling your breathing this way is a stress reliever, and it reduces your state of arousal.
  2. Recite a personalized identity statement to yourself in five seconds. A good identity statement is one that emphasizes one of your positive qualities and pinpoints something you want to become, like “I am confident and passionate. I’m consistently excellent every day as a leader, executive, and mother,” or “I care more about my clients and I will outwork the competition. I am a million-dollar salesman.”
  3. Visualize your own personal highlight reel for 60 seconds–seeing in your mind three things you’ve done well in the past 24 hours and mentally rehearsing three important things you need to do today.
  4. Repeat your identity statement to yourself for five seconds.
  5. Finish with another centering breath cycle–breathing in for six seconds, holding for two and then exhaling for seven. Your mind is now ready to focus and perform.

*Read more about the Mental Workout here:

mental tough


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