Snack of the Day

Rice Cakes!

  •  $1.99 at Stop n Shop for 14 cakes
  •  Macros for 1 rice cake: 0g fat,  11g carbs, and 1g protein

Rice Cakes are a great snack to eat while driving, use as a preworkout, or an afternoon snack! Sandwich 1 tbs of peanut butter inbetween two rice cakes, or top with marshmallow fluff, or banana slices! My favorite flavor is the caramel because it goes great with my Nuts ‘n More Salted Caramel peanut butter (found at GNC)  🙂

What will you top your rice cakes with?



5 thoughts on “Snack of the Day

  1. Vegetarian Muscle

    I’ve seen people add peanut butter to the white cheddar ones but something about peanut butter and cheese just doesn’t sound good to me lol. I just eat them plain.. I don’t know what to put on them


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