Can Alcohol Affect Muscle Recovery?

Daily Nutritional Tip

You probably guessed it…yes! Alcohol does negatively affect muscle recovery. Alcohol suppresses muscle protein synthesis, which helps you build muscle after you workout, and thus it leads to the continuation of muscle breakdown. BUT our fitness journey is one of balance and we will at some point head out for drinks with a couple of friends or significant other. So how can we improve our chances of improving our muscle protein synthesis if we go out for a drink after a gym session? Make sure you drink a protein shake! When a person consumes alcohol AND protein after working out they will have 75% muscle protein synthesis compared to 100% muscle protein synthesis if they just consumed a protein drink after working out….not too shabby! (but be aware this 25% decrease can add up overtime).

 So make sure you have a protein shake before you hit the town this weekend!




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