Monday Motivation

Sometimes when a goal is far away it is hard to stay on track and complete the small steps or the small goals that will ultimately lead you to your DREAM goal. I have 5 weeks left of my prep, out of 16 weeks, for my bodybuilding show. 5 weeks! So close right? Compared to starting off at 16 weeks. But the last few weeks are the hardest because your diet becomes strict (no dairy or protein bars) and your dirty treats only can be 5% of your total macros, coming from a girl who loves her dessert! Your also always tired & run down so the weeks tend to drag out. Temptation becomes harder to resist and also easier to indulge because you have to stay on track 100% everyday . Today I really needed this blog post because I lost my motivation over the weekend and I needed to reflect and think about what my motivation is going to be for Motivation Mondays so that I can conquer this week 100%. Today and each day this week I am going to picture myself winning my Pro Card, the atmosphere, the audience, and the emotions/feelings I will be feeling.


“Small Daily Improvements are the Key to Long-Term Staggering Results”


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