“WOOP” There it is!



My elder sister sent me this great podcast by the Hidden Brain about wishes, dreams, and our goals. The guest on the show was Gabriele Oettingen and she discussed this new perspective about our dreams & goals.

The first thing she talked about was how we all have positive fantasies whether it is about losing weight, getting together with a crush, or obtaining that new job and that some people have more positive thinking/thoughts than others. It was found that women who had more positive fantasties and thoughts about losing weight going into a weight loss program actually ended up losing less weight months and even years down the road compared to their less positive counterparts. Similarly, people who had positive fantasies about getting together with their crush than others actually never ended up connecting or being with their crush. Since these people had more positive fantasies about being with their crush it ended up draining their storage of energy so they were never able to put into action the steps to actually winning their crush.

So now we know that JUST positive thoughts and thinking will only take us so far. In our heads we picture ourselves weighing 15 pounds less. So how do we take the dream and make it into a reality?


Gabriele Oettingen created this four step program called, “WOOP”, which will take our dreams and make them into obtainable goals. Goals we will actually ACHIEVE!

Here are the four steps:

  1. First you have to identity your wishIn the next four weeks what is your most important wish? It should be challenging but obtainable.
  2.  Now think about what would be the best outcome if you were to fulfill that wish.
  3. Next step is to think about what is stopping me from fulfilling that wish, specifically: what is it that is IN ME, my inner obstaclethat is standing in my way from obtaining my wish.
  4. Lastly, once you have identified that inner obstacle, think about if that obstacle occurs what plan will you have in place? What behaviors or actions will you perform to overcome that obstacle?


WOOP: Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan



*Try these four steps with your own personal wish tonight !






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