Mental Toughness Exercise for Fitness: Increase Your Confidence 

“Increase Your Confidence”

Practicing a mental toughness exercise daily while on your fitness journey will keep you  from quitting early on by strengthening your mind through challenges and fueling your motivation drive.

John Corcoran has created his own 4 mental toughness exercises from the art of war. One of the exercises stood out to me:

#1 Train Yourself to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is a vital self tool that will carry you along on your fitness journey so you can complete the goal you set at Day 1. By not increasing one’s confidence then you have already decided, before you even began, that you will fail and not reach your goal. One way you can increase your confidence is by creating small goals for yourself that you KNOW you can obtain. Set a small goal for yourself each week to accomplish by the end of the 7 days. By achieving these small goals  you will slowly increase your confidence every week.

What will your small goal be for this week?


Read the entire article here:


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