Feel NOT Look 

Mental Toughness Exercise for Fitness

When I ask clients and friends that message me for advice what their top fitness goal is their number one response is, “I want to lose weight”. It is such a vague, surface level answer that I always try to dive a little bit deeper and some of the responses I then receive are “I want to feel good wearing a bikini”. THERE! Emotions and feelings have finally come into play. If you change your fitness journey to be one where you want to feel more confident, be happier, and engage in social events you will not only succeed in obtaining your goal, but it will filter out into all areas of your life. That is what will carry you years down the road to making fitness a part of you, a habit, and something you will enjoy & love doing. I workout not to obtain leaner legs or a set of six pack abs. I workout because I come home energized to play with my toddler and devote time to my family. I leave the gym happier, rejuvenated, and ready to obtain my personal and professional goals.

For this week’s exercise I want you to wake up and even better you get out of bed I want you to think and visualize how you want to feel in the next couple of weeks and what would that look like.

If your goal was to lose 10 pounds or have abs, how would you reword your goal? 



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