Motivational Journey Part 2

“After The Crowd Leaves ….”

My last blog post was about my motivational journey from competing in one bodybuilding competition and trying to find my instrinic motivation to compete in a second show 3 weeks later. I never have backed down from a goal I set for myself whether it be a personal best time in swimming or completing a half marathon. It took a lot of self pride and reflection to say no to the second show. At first I felt guilty and disappointed in myself because I couldn’t find the intrinsic motivation to continue to the second show but sometimes saying no is just as a true test of strength as saying yes. The other areas in my life have become neglected, like an overgrown lawn, and I couldn’t be my best self with a manicured front lawn but an overgrown backyard 😉

Now I have an entire year stretching out in front of me and your probably thinking how will you stay focused?! Having a coach keeps me accountable, if I miss a workout I have to email my coach to change my entire chart. My charts to me feel like they are written in stone!  I never miss a workout or fall off my macro chart when I am working with my coach but my mental state needs a little break & relaxtion before I have to go back under a guided fitness and nutrition plan. Without someone keeping me accountable sometimes it does get easy to miss a workout especially when I am near the beach everyday.

Being in atheltics by the time I could walk instilled a deeply ingrained intrinsic motivation into the make-up of who I am, It has become a part of me, like my toes or hair. Even without a small goal insight or coach its hard to keep myself from not being active! But one of the other ways I help myself head to the gym easier is by keeping it interesting and fun. Every week is a different workout plan, change of reps or exercise, I complete a long run outside on the beach, and I see all my teammate’s at our coach’s boot camp class. Being in charge of my own fitness and nutrition plan will also help me be able to be independent and do it on my own. It also uncovers unhealthy habits that peak back up, over exercising, which allows me to really work on those habits and kick them back to the curb!


I look forward to part 3 coming this fall 🙂 


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