Beginning Mental Toughness Training for Fitness & Life

“How to Begin Mental Toughness Training”

What allows me to balance fitness into my busy family and work schedule comes mainly from my “Mental Toughness” rather than motivation. Sure my Eat Me Guilt Free brownie somewhat gets me out of bed every morning at 5am but it is my mental toughness that makes me shoot right out of bed and into the bathroom without even thinking first. Every morning I wake up exhausted but I have never snoozed the alarm before!! I am not bragging but merely stating that I have practiced and worked hard on my mental toughness and thus one of the side effects is having a certain drive and determination to put in 100% and get up day in and day out. Putting energy into building my mental toughness has brought me confidence, motivation, strength, and the energy to keep pursuing my fitness journey. 

To be able to begin training on your “Mental Toughness” or to be mentally tough you have to first clear your mind of excess thoughts that are draining your mental resources. One exercise you can implement today is write down the top 5 things you spend the most energy on, the things you think about the most. Some of those items might be laundry, grocery shopping, working out, budgeting, paying bills, or wanting to start a new nutrition plan or wanting to begin to workout. Go down each item and ask yourself, “Is this something I can control?”. Most often than not we spend too much precious mental energy on the things we cannot control. Think of these items you wrote down in terms of problem solving or small goals, what small a steps can you do TODAY to help you accomplish your top 5 list. 

Let’s take the “I want to workout” item. Things you can’t change about that item: your work hours, if you have a child, your husbands work schedule, and/or your limited money resources. Stop trying to change those listed above and solve your problem today of beginning a workout program. Some solutions may be early morning or late night workouts, YouTube videos, at home DVDs, or scheduling in 30 mins of exercise everyday into your phone or calendar. 

What is your top 5 and how will you solve them TODAY?


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