Mental Toughness Exercise for Life & Fitness: Positive Thinking 

“Positive Thinking”


Yeah yeah. We have heard about positive thinking over and over and over. How much good can it do?

Remember Mind-to-Muscle Connection to focus on while lifting? The quote I always post, “the body achieves what the mind believes?”. How swimming is 80% mental & 20% physical?

How come every aspect of our lives comes back to our minds, and not our physical bodies, and yet it is still shrugged off and tucked away in a “to-read” file.

The mind is vastly over looked when it comes to achieving goals and fitness. The vast majority of people you witness who start their own fitness journey will be achieving more goals they set for themselves, have better relationships, and have gained more self-confidence & self-esteem because of their fitness journey and the hard work they have put in by staying out late, waking up early, or training while on vacation and not mainly because of the “outside” progress they have made. Our bodies cannot make us wake up at 5am, our minds wake us up at 5am. Our bodies don’t tell us to run 3 miles before heading to the beach for a day filled with sun, friends, and sand. Our minds lace up our sneakers and head us out to a sunrise run. These are the people who will continue to grow inside and out.

So! Back to “Positive Thinking”. It seems as though every Monday there is always a “Series of Unfortunate Events”. ALWAYS without fail. EVERY Monday.

Last week I woke up late for the gym so my workout had to be cut short, then I was out running errands and forgot to pack a snack (hello hangry), and then I had to rush through my errands to finish them to be back home to relieve my husband of Wes so he could go to work. Whew. I was feeling stressed, getting a headache, and I was unhappy. If I just took two deep breaths and said to myself something like, “It’s ok, I can get a long workout in tomorrow” or “once this is over we can sit and watch TV during Wesley’s nap time” I could of turned my entire day around. I would of pushed myself harder during my workout in the morning AND I would of enjoyed my husband’s company when he arrived home after a long day.

I am going to practice this Mental Toughness Exercise, “Positive Thinking”, every day this week…

Stay tuned….And I will report back on how well the exercise worked for me this week! (August 1-7th)



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