HIIT Workout


“At-Home Workout”


150 Cardio Cals (run/bike/swim outside)

10 second rest interval (in-between each):


15 Burpees

30 Front Raises

50 Mountain Climbers

30 Side Lateral Raises

50 Dumbbell Step-ups

30 Goblet Squats

15 Burpees

30 Bicep Curls

1 min Plank

30 Hammer Curls

50 Jump Squats

30 Dumbbell Squats

50 Mountain Climbers

30 Bentover Dumbbell Rows

50 Jumping Lunges

30 Double Arm Tricep Kickbacks

10 Push-ups


Repeat Circuit 3x

150 Cardio Cals (run/bike/swim outside)




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