Mental Toughness Exercise: “Progress” 


Mental Toughness is an important aspect of not our fitness journey but also in becoming a better version of ourselves, mentally, that needs to be practiced and trained EVERDAY, just like our muscles. This week’s Mental Toughness Exercise will be reflecting on the progress we have made so far and also thinking about the progress that is to come.

I love the quote that talks about how every small step leads to the bigger goal. We forget about all the small victories along the way, like the little shops and gas stations every couple of miles down the interstate. Our fitness journey is a long path and we need to stop every once and awhile and reflect back on all the small victories we have had along the way.

My fitness journey has taken me down more than a few paths; swimmer, runner, pregnancy, weight training, and bodybuilder so it is very easy for me to just see myself NOW and not how far I have progressed both physically and mentally. The person I am now is no longer who I used to be a year ago or even two years ago. I used to have a runner’s build before I became pregnant where I lost my core and gained 20 pounds. After having my son I became obsessed with the gym to lose the extra weight and mentally couldn’t take a rest day because I felt too much anxiety when I did not go. I was also eating very clean and never even touched a piece of bread or cake. Today at 27 years old and a mom of a two year old I have the most muscle tone I have ever had, lifting more than I was two years ago, and I am now following the flexible diet, macros, which allows me freedom in my nutrition to enjoy the foods I love while still staying fit. I also no longer feel like I have to workout everyday, I actually just came off a 9 day vacation where I didn’t workout once! And I didn’t lose my abs 😉

My future progress was the hardest to reflect on and really think about. This is partly due to having a tough time making definite decisions and I highly recommend the book, “Hot to Decide”. But overall I would still like to continue to work on my relationship with food & the gym (progress is continuous! Just like our fitness journey), build more muscle tone (building those glutes!), and try a new sport! CrossFit Games anyone?

Everyday this week I will think about either the progress I have made in a particular strength training exercise, miles run, foods eaten, or what future progress I want to achieve. As always, making sure it aligns with my goals of balancing both fitness & nutrition!


What progress have YOU made so far on your fitness journey or in your daily life? 



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