Victoria MacNutt, age 28, female


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“Cal introduced me to the macro plan three weeks ago. I’m an average athlete (or so I like to think) who crossfits and runs. Prior to starting on macros I ate a low-carb diet and was constantly cranky, sluggish on runs, and lacking in energy overall. Since switching to macros I’ve built my runs back up to a 10k distance at a faster pace and feel much more energetic. Only three weeks in and my body fat has started to decrease, AND I have gotten to enjoy cake for my graduation and other occasions!! Looking forward to continuing eating carbs and everything delicious!”


*8 week progress: lost 2 lbs & .5% body fat!


Kyle Henriksen, age 26, male


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I have been a regular gym goer since college, and while I have always felt comfortable in the gym it has always been a struggle for me to realize the results I was looking for. At some point over the last seven years I have tried just about everything outside of hiring somebody to plan my workouts for me. I thought that because I was a collegiate athlete I didn’t need somebody else to tell me what to do in the gym. Clearly I was wrong. For the first time in my life I have been able to increase my lean muscle mass and have blown past my previous personal records in the gym. All that was missing in my workout regiment was the motivation to do things the right way and an easy to follow plan to implement. Cal Fit can and will help anyone! Like I said, even though I was going to the gym often I was missing the MOTIVATION and that is what Cal Fit does best. The program is incredibly straightforward and is designed to make sure that you are comfortable every step of the way. This program will get you results!

On the left: May 1st at 165.5 lbs

On the right: June 26th at 171.3 lbs

3,320 Calories
166 protein
415 carbs
111 fat

Kirsten Elaine, age 25, female

All I’ve ever known is being a full-time swimmer and eating whatever I’d like. I have swam since I was four years old and I have been active in other sports as well. I was a D3 Athlete which allowed me to have the practice time and any access to gyms and trainers. After graduation I started in the real world and realized how hard it was to stay on track with my diet and to get to the gym when it wasn’t required. I have tried everything in the book beachbody shakeology and those worked but only for a short amount of time. I’m always so curious about the other side of the gym where the weights and machines are. The dreaded area where all the weave lifters are. I’ve alway been curious how to tackle that obstacle. Callie and I have known each other for a while now through the swimming life and have stayed in touch over the years. Watching her transformation has encouraged me and motivated me so I was so excited when she reached out to me about her trainings. I have fell in love with the other side of the gym and the way I feel when leaving the gym. I must say I feel pretty badass smile emoticon! I encourage all of you to take the chance and see what these work outs can do for you and how far you can go and see the changes in your body it’s so simple and Callie makes it so much fun!!! Sign up people what are you waiting for!!!

Katie Grace, age 29, female

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“Working with [Callie/Cal Fit Balance] has helped me stick to my NY resolution to get in shape! With a hectic and ever changing work/life schedule, I always found a way to rationalize avoiding the gym and having an extra glass of wine at night. With the Premium program, Callie has been there every step of the way to hold me accountable and make sure I prioritize my health and well being. The flexibility of her program allows me to fit in my workouts and better my nutrition on a schedule that works for me. Bring on Month 2!”

Timothy Grace, age 54, male


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“I have “worked out” all my adult life, but I never learned how to ‘do’ anything in the “gym”.When I graduated college and had a little money coming in, I joined “Moore’s Nautilus” in Dayton Ohio – my first real “gym” – they had a set of cardio machines, free weights and of course Nautilus machines. I learned how to do the Nautilus as I went around the gym, by reading the info plates on the machines. I even extended my membership for 10 years – at $1 a year – during one of their promotions because I was pushing more reps and more weight. Then I got married, we moved, raised 4 children, and for exercise I would go to the local rec center or the local Y for their Nautilus machines. But it was on for 6 months, or a year, then off for 4 months, and back again. Weak – strong – weak – strong. In shape – breathing hard up the stairs (when did I take up smoking? How many stairs was that, 10?) – and back to being in shape.
This whole time I was working out ‘on my own’. It was going ok, because other than gym fees it was cheap enough. I didn’t want to pay $70 an hour for a personal trainer.
As time when on I became frustrated at the lack of progress. I didn’t have a program and didn’t know enough to create one, and I knew that to live a long and healthy life I was going to need a base of strong muscles and bones to carry me through. And it just wasn’t fun anymore, doing the same thing over and over again.
Then Cal Fit came along, about a month ago. Aha! I thought, I have to try this! It would be my workout buddy, so going to the gym would be easier. I wouldn’t have to come up with workouts. The workouts would be progressive. I could check in virtually, ask questions, and be coached. And it wasn’t $70 an hour!
Cal Fit takes the guesswork out of my exercise program, and that’s the biggest deal for me. All I have to do is plan the time of day that I go to the gym. I take my phone, and I go do the workout. When I’m done, I go home. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!
Another key is the virtual communication. It’s great to have someone interested in how your workout went, keeping tabs on your progress. I haven’t missed one workout in the first month, even during my traveling out of town. I think this is because I have my ‘workout buddy’ helping me stay the course.
The other big thing is the videos. Each workout document comes with embedded links to a Cal Fit youtube video for each exercise – so I can see where my feet go, how high to lift the weight, where the head should be positioned, etc. I pull the videos up on my phone, watch for a few seconds to see how the exercise is to be performed; check my form in a mirror as I am doing the exercise; and between sets will sometimes play it again for a refresher. Yes, there are a ton of exercise videos out there on the web. But which one do you choose? And, is a link for the one you need right there, in the workout document, that you can click on? The Cal Fit videos are so important. There is no “how does this go, again?” They keep you on the correct form – every workout, every exercise.
So far, after one month, I am starting to feel my whole body getting stronger. I am no longer training a specific, narrow set of muscles on the Nautilus machines. The workouts are different and interesting. I even get personalized replacement of workout exercises that I can’t do (yet!) because of a bad shoulder.
There is also a Cal Fit Facebook page with info, a group calendar, and a blog with recipes among other resources. Information comes your way each day, helping you to live a stronger, healthier life.
If you, like me, prefer to work out by yourself – but would rather not rely solely on #1 – Cal Fit is a great way to go. It works for me. It will work for you, too!”
– Client, Timothy Grace, Month 2 Week 1

*Pictures shown: Week 1 – Week 20